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Assam: Election Commission of India in Dima Hasao sung a Election phate cha che lhah thei na dia khoul chilna nei jing


Edited by Donald Sitlhou
NT Assam Correspondent

Songpijang: Lok Sabha election ahung lhun di to kilhon in District Election Office, Dima Hasao in flying quads, static surveillance team and video surveillance team Zone Li (Four) a khen in ana sem tan ahi.

Zone Li ho a team khat in civil officer Ni le thum, Assistant le security anei cheh ahi. Team ho hin Election nai tah jh a khamna thei(Ju), Sum dangka 50,000 chung lam, election Office khap po, chule election to kijop a illegal material po ho khol na anei u ahi.

Video surveillance team ho hin political Rallies ho, political meeting ho a Election commission of India sem modal code of Conduct palkel ho khol na chule political Rallies ho a sum ki mang ho khol na dia kisem ahi.

Expenditure monitoring cell ho dia office hi District Information and Public Relations Office building ground floor a kisem hin Political parties hon election to kilhon a sum apai hou vet chil na anei u ahi.

Expenditure monitoring cell a Relevant team le Assistant expenditure observer hin Diphu town a um Returning officer for 3 Autonomous District (ST) koma April nisim 8,12 le 16 nile report a pieh lut d ahi.

Administration hin nidan kah 24 mipin report abol thei na dia control room asem ahin chule control Room contact no hi 1950 ahi.

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